University of Huddersfield Stereoscopic 3D Visualisation System

Have you ever wondered what a shrunken head looks like in 3D? Well the University of Huddersfield have and that is why they have invested in an Avantek supplied Stereoscopic 3D Visualisation System complete with video conferencing.

The video conferencing and data visualisation studio is equipped with three, 3D 70″ monitors, three video cameras and a sophisticated sound system for “echo-free” communication. A powerful GPU workstation not only controls the cameras and video displays but also provides full Stereoscopic 3D whilst two smaller display units visualise the workload of computer clusters in the campus grid.

If that doesn’t impress you, then maybe the use of the equipment will. The HPC-powered visualisation facility is used to communicate difficult concepts or to display large datasets in applications such as advanced computational fluid dynamics, chemical and biological structures, and video image rendering. The Avantek supplied Image Processing System links to a CT scanner which is used to view fascinating items and artifacts.

The HPC-powered visualisation facility provides an excellent tool for the researchers and students at the University of Huddersfield with limitless possibilities.


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