Windows 10 Update Compatibility

Windows 10

Microsoft are now offering free upgrades to Windows 10 for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users, which is due to be released on 29 July 2015. Not all of your assistive technology software will be compatible with Windows 10 so it is important to check compatibility before making any changes to your operating system.

YOU SHOULD NOT UPGRADE to Windows 10 until you have checked your software compatibility using the below information. Avantek Computer will not be able to offer technical support for any issues you encounter if you upgrade without checking the compatibility first.

If you wish to disable Windows 10, please click here and follow the instructions.


Product  Windows 8.1 Supported?  Works in Windows 8.1? Windows 10 Supported?  Upgrade?
ABBYY FineReader v11 No Yes *  *
ABBYY FineReader v12 Yes Yes *  *
Audio Notetaker v2 No No No Tick
Audio Notetaker v2.5 Yes Yes No Tick
Audio Notetaker v3 Yes Yes No Tick
Audio Notetaker v4 Yes Yes Yes
ClaroRead v5.5 No No No Tick
ClaroRead v6 Yes Yes No Tick
ClaroRead v6.5 Yes Yes No Tick
ClaroRead v7 Yes Yes Yes
Dragon NaturallySpeaking v10 No No No
Dragon NaturallySpeaking v11 No Yes No
Dragon NaturallySpeaking v11.5 No Yes No
Dragon NaturallySpeaking v12 No Yes No
Dragon NaturallySpeaking v12.5 Yes Yes No
Dragon NaturallySpeaking v13 Yes Yes Yes
Global AutoCorrect v3 Yes Yes Yes
Inspiration v8 No No No
Inspiration v9 No Yes Yes Tick
Inspiration v9.2 Yes Yes Yes
JAWS v12 No No No
JAWS v13 No Yes No
JAWS v14 Yes Yes No
JAWS v15 Yes Yes No
JAWS v16 Yes Yes No
KAZ Typing Tutor v20 Unknown Yes * *
Mavis Beacon v20 Yes Yes * *
Mavis Beacon PE Yes Yes * *
MindGenius v3 No No No
MindGenius v4 No Yes No
MindGenius v5 Yes Yes Yes
MindGenius v6 Yes Yes Yes
Mind Manager v9 No No No
Mind Manager 2012 No Yes No
Mind Manager v14 Yes Yes * **
Mind Manager v15 Yes Yes * **
MindView v3 No No No
MindView v4 Yes Yes No
MindView v5 Yes Yes Yes
MindView v6 Yes Yes Yes
Olympus Sonority Yes Yes Yes
Omnipage v17 No No No
Omnipage v18 Yes Yes *  *
Omnipage v19 Yes Yes Yes
Plustek OpticBook 3600 Drivers Yes Yes *  *
Plustek OpticBook 3800 Drivers Yes Yes *  *
TextHelp Read&Write v9 No No No
TextHelp Read&Write v10 Yes Yes No
TextHelp Read&Write v11 Yes Yes No Tick
Textehlp Read&Write v11.5 Yes Yes Yes
SuperNova Access Suite v12 No No No
SuperNova Access Suite v13 No Yes No
SuperNova Access Suite v13.5 Yes Yes No
SuperNova Access Suite 14 Yes Yes No
SuperNova Access Suite 15 Yes Yes Yes
 ZoomText 9.1 No No No  **
 ZoomText 10 No No No  **
 ZoomText 10.1  Yes Yes No  **


Please contact to obtain a possible free upgrade to the latest version of ClaroRead which will be compatible with Windows 10.

*Currently being tested, we cannot confirm compatibility
**Updates due to be released

If you have any questions relating to compatibility or if you need any advice on updating to Windows 10, please email our Support Team on and one of our Technicians will be happy to help you.