Looking after your Laptop

Laptop Computers are by their nature highly portable and expensive and are therefore very susceptible to theft and damage. It is also fragile and easily damaged if not treated carefully.

If you deliberately, wilfully or negligently mistreat or misuse you laptop it may not be insured and you could have to pay the cost to have it repaired.

Avantek have produced this guide to assist you in looking after your laptop and explaining more important insurance conditions relating to these terms. So if you are unlucky enough to have your machine stolen or damaged, everything will have been done to minimise the risk and your insurance will cover the cost.


Laptops are very easily damaged; here are a few tips to prevent costly damage and consequent equipment downtime.

  • When carrying the laptop, ensure it is properly packed.
  • Take care when removing the laptop from its bag, they can easily slip and fall out.
  • Never force anything into your laptop case as this can easily bend and break the screen.
  • Do not put it in a bag that is not designed to hold laptops as there will be no protection against any damage caused.
  • Do not leave pens, cables etc. on the keyboard as this will damage the screen when you close it.
  • Make sure all cables are tucked away, these can easily get caught and the machine pulled to the floor.
  • Do not leave you laptop on the floor, where it can be trodden on, or worse still, attacked by pets.
  • Never drink near your laptop, they are easy to knock over and can cause some serious damage.
  • Do not pick it up by the open lid; this can cause the hinges to fracture over a period of time.
  • Never take a laptop apart, this is a specialist job.

One last tip, do remember to take regular backups, this is often overlooked on a laptop, the hardware may be expensive but often the data is invaluable!

And finally, remember you are entrusted with an expensive and fragile piece of equipment; it is your responsibility to look after it and nobody else’s.


A laptop is very attractive to thieves, so make it difficult for them to take your laptop by following these tips:

  • Do not advertise that you have a laptop. When travelling with a laptop, try to keep it disguised as much as possible by using a normal bag, briefcase or backpack (but only when your laptop is already safe in its own case).
  • When travelling on public transport, keep it with you at all times, preferably with a strap around you. Never leave it in a luggage rack or unattended at any time. If you are travelling by air, you must take it in as cabin baggage. It is a condition of your policy that the laptop must be kept with you at all times whilst travelling on public transport.
  • When travelling in a car, keep the laptop out of sight and lock all doors, especially in town.
  • Never leave your laptop in a car overnight, even in the boot, take it indoors with you. Your policy does not cover theft from an unattended vehicle overnight
  • If you have to leave it in your car during the day, put it in the boot out of sight and make sure the vehicle is locked.
  • Do not leave you laptop in a restaurant, bar, classroom or at any other venue. The disappearance of a laptop without any actual theft would not be covered.
  • Do not leave it on a desk overnight or even at lunchtime as they do have a habit of going “walkabout”. Lock it in a drawer or cupboard, or secure it with one of the proprietary security devices available. A laptop which is stolen without any apparent break into or out of the room or building is not insured.
  • Do not leave it unsecured at any exhibition, seminar, etc. security cables will stop it being “snatched”. The “disappearance” of a laptop from an exhibition or any other location without proof of a forcible theft (i.e. snapping security device etc.) would not be covered.