General Repairs

In the instance that you do need to return any of your equipment to our workshop for repair, we have a highly experienced team of technicians available to assist you. As well as having a team of engineers dedicated to general repairs, we also have teams of Apple and Toshiba certified technicians who carry out brand specific repairs.

Our repair turnaround times can vary, but are usually anywhere between 5-7 working days as there can sometimes be a delay on replacement parts. If your machine has to be sent to the manufacturer for any reason, we will contact you beforehand to let you know as this will extend the repair time.

If your machine is still under its warranty it will be repaired at no additional cost to you. If you are unsure if your laptop or PC is still covered by Avantek, you can find this information on your paperwork, alternatively you can contact us and a member of our team can check for you.

However, in the instance that your machine is out of warranty, a diagnostic charge will apply (we will provide you with a quote before we undertake any work). Payment for your repair will need to be made directly to Avantek Computer on completion of the repair prior to returning it to you.

Avantek Computer Ltd accepts no responsibility for any loss of your data whilst it is in for repair, however we will make every effort to ensure the safe keeping of your data. Please ensure that all of your files are backed up and no sensitive information is left on your computer.

We offer remote diagnostic sessions with our Technicians for any machines still within their warranty, so if you are having trouble with your laptop, we will aim to correct the fault virtually.

Data Recovery Service

The newest addition to our technical services however, is our data recovery service. If you have data on a failed drive or database, it pays to take extra care recovering it. That’s where we come in. Our team of experts are committed to providing the highest possible standards of data recovery. For more information, please click here.

If you do need to contact our team to discuss an issue you are having or would like more information about or a quote for our data recovery service, please call us on 0330 300 3000 or alternatively you can e-mail us at