Technical Frequently Asked Questions

 My computer is running really slowly!

There are a few reasons why computers run slowly:

  • It may be overheating: Vacuum around the air vents and air holes underneath where the fan blows out from to remove dust build-up.
  • Lots of programs installed which slow it down, such as iTunes or Google Earth, Torrent File sharing programs, messengers and skype: Uninstall any programs which are no longer needed.
  • More than one Anti-Virus program installed which clash with each other and make everything run slowly.
  • The hard drive might be full.

It is worth checking all of these things.

  My Olympus Digital Recorder is not charging

The voice recorders are supplied with AAA NiMh rechargeable batteries.
The batteries can be charged by plugging the supplied USB cable either into a computer USB port or a mains-powered USB charger.
When plugging in the cable a message on the recorder screen should say “press OK to charge”, when you press the OK button it should then start to charge the device.

Common Issues:

  • One or both of the rechargeable batteries have failed and needs replacing.
  • Please replace with AAA NiMh rechargeable batteries of 600mAh or greater capacity.
  • You may have installed Alkaline batteries. These are not rechargeable and will damage the recorder if they leak inside the device.
  • The USB cable may have been damaged.

 My laptop has stopped connecting to the Internet!

This is most likely due to a Microsoft update which affects the network drivers on your system.
You need to follow the instructions listed here:
Or, your internet provider might be having issues: contact them for support.

 When I turn my laptop on it just has a blank screen, what should I do?

Turn the laptop off and remove the battery and charger lead from the computer. With them both removed, hold down the power button for 15-20 seconds. Re-attach the power lead and battery and try to power the system on again. If this still does not work, remove the battery and try with just the power lead attached.

 My laptop doesn’t work properly after upgrading to Windows 10.

If the upgrade has been made within the past four weeks you can downgrade the laptop by using the following steps –
Go to the “Updates & Security” Menu > Click “Recovery” > Click “Get Started” under “Go back to Windows 8.1/7” and follow the on screen instructions.
If this does not work, we may be able to roll it back for you but this is a chargeable service.

 My laptop isn’t connecting to the wireless, even though my other devices are.

Try restarting the router. This can be done by simply turning it off at the wall plug, waiting 10 seconds, then turning it on again. Please note that the router will take a couple of minutes to load. If this does not work, please try connecting with an Ethernet cable directly to your computer. Alternatively try to connect your device to another wireless network. Please note that problems with your home, University or work networks are not covered by Avantek.

 I have pop-ups on my computer, how  can I remove them?

Virus problems are not covered under the terms of your warranty.
You can try running a Malwarebytes scan to see if this resolves the issue.
Download the program from MalwareBytes:

 My laptop touchpad has stopped working.

Most laptops have a function key that can disable the touchpad which may have been pressed accidentally. Please check your laptop manual to find out which key is used to re-enable it.
Please see the below for some examples.

Toshiba F5 or Fn+F5
Lenovo Fn+F8
Fujitsu Fn+F4
Asus Fn+F9
Acer Fn+F7
These are guidelines and the function key may vary from model to model.

 My USB device is not working when connected to the USB hub.

Please try to connect the device directly to a USB port on the computer. If this works there may be a fault with your hub. Please note that devices like printers should also be connected directly to the computer and not through a hub.

 My printer is only printing certain colours or the print is faded.

Please check that the ink cartridges are genuine manufacturer items and are not empty. If they all have plenty of ink in them, follow manufacturer’s guidelines for a printer head clean.

 HP 68xx and 6230 Printers – ‘Problem with printhead’ Error.

 My new scanner won’t scan anything, what should I do?

Look on the bottom of the scanner and make sure the transport lock is set to “unlocked”. This should solve the issue.

 My laptop is getting hot during operation.

You should always use your laptop on a flat and clean surface in a well ventilated area. Using the laptop on your knee, bed or chair can block the air flow through the laptop and clog the fan with dust. You can try vaccuming the air vents. If the laptop exhaust vent(s) has become clogged, this is not covered under the warranty.

 I accidently formatted my laptop and now all of my software and data has gone.

It is your responsibility to back up your personal data. If this has been deleted or lost due to hardware failure, Avantek Computer Ltd cannot be held responsible. We can reinstall software and attempt to recover data but such work would be chargeable.

 I have lost my software disks, how do I reload my software?

You would have been provided with all of the disks for your software when you receive your equipment. If these have been misplaced, we are not liable to replace them. If you need replacement disks, these will be chargeable. We keep your licence keys on file so if you need these they can be provided.

 I have a problem with some of my software, what should I do?

Please contact the manufacturer; here are links to websupport for common ones:

TextHelp Read and Write

Nuance Dragon

Sonocent Audio Notetaker


 How do I activate my Dragon software?

Dragon Student License software does not contain a serial number so you may be required to activate the software online in order to confirm your academic status so that you can start using the software. This can be done using the following steps –

  • Go to
  • You will be asked to provide a Unique ID Code (this 8 character code is printed on the validation leaflet in the box) as proof of purchase and complete online form, confirming your details and your proof of academic status.
  • You will be required to submit one or more of the following:
    • A valid university email address that is associated with your education institution.
    • A valid, current student / registration card.
    • A letter or form of correspondence from your academic institution confirming your educational status. Confirmation must be on letterhead paper and signed by a lecturer / teacher.

 Can I load other software onto my computer?

You may wish to load some software onto your computer which we did not supply. Your computer is a tool to assist with your course and we recommend that you neither load any other software nor change any of the computer settings. As it is your computer you can of course load whatever you wish but please note that we cannot be responsible for any effect it may have on your computer or the software we have provided.

 I have just received my laptop and it has a password on it. What is the password?

The password is ‘avantek’ all in lower case.

 I have received a call from a company claiming to be Microsoft and they said I have a problem with my computer. I am worried, what should I do?

This is a scam. If you are asked to make a payment, DO NOT under any circumstances provide them with ANY of your details. Simply hang up.

If you are having any other issues which you cannot find an answer to above, please complete the form below:

    Please note, we are not related in any way with the Avantek which makes consumer items such as Wireless Doorbells that you may have purchased via Amazon. If you have an issue, contact Amazon.

    We are a Business-to-Business (B2B) IT Solutions Provider and will be pleased to help you resolve issues with computer systems which you have purchased from us.

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