Avantek Warranty Offering (Student/Loan Systems)


We want you to get the most out of your system. If something does go wrong we will provide all labour and parts that are deemed by us to be necessary to repair the system covered by the agreement and restore it to good operating order, whilst it is covered by our warranty, This is subject to the limitations set out below.

This service shall include diagnosis and correction of manufacturing faults only; it does not apply to loss or personal damage, software, electrical or external/environmental issues.

The Avantek Warranty Sticker shall be in good condition, without any break/tear/hole.

Under no circumstances should you (or your agent) attempt to repair, modify or open any product unless specifically advised by us in writing, signed by our Managing Director, as this may invalidate the warranty.

In the instance that a system has been tampered with, we may choose to void the warranty.


System WARRANTY: – If at any time during the support period, the equipment shall become defective in operation, Avantek Computer Limited (Avantek) shall, at our expense, repair the equipment and restore it to its pre-delivery state, including where necessary the provision of replacement parts.

Business Hours: -Avantek shall arrange, during business hours (9:00am – 5.00pm, Monday to Friday), at any times convenient to both parties, for the equipment to be repaired. You will need to report the fault to Avantek.

Workshop Repair: -The customer will allow Avantek, at our own discretion, to receive the machine for a workshop repair. The customer will be responsible for shipping via an insured and tracked method.

Customer Responsibility: – It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the equipment is kept in a clean and useable condition, the update of all virus definitions and to ensure any/all additional software installed on the system is compatible with the supplied system. The customer shall not install/use other than original manufacturer consumables. The customer shall report issues/problems at the time they occur.

Support Limitations and Exclusions: All repairs other than electro-mechanical faults, calls to the machine where the services of a computer engineer prove to be unnecessary, software problems, accidental or malicious damage, general wear and tear, are chargeable to the customer at the standard rate at the time the fault is reported. Whilst we would endeavour to provide a quotation before proceeding with any chargeable repairs, a standard call out charge would always be incurred if an on-site visit were made. All faults caused by computer viruses/malware are excluded and all work done to identify this situation is chargeable at the standard call out rate.

Customer Data: Avantek will use its best endeavours to carry out our obligations hereunder as speedily as possible, but will not be responsible for any loss, costs or expenses arising directly or indirectly in so doing. IMPORTANT: It is VITAL that the user takes backup copies of all data on removable media (CD, USB stick, online etc). During the servicing of a computer it may be necessary to adopt certain procedures which may result in the loss of data; returning the system to its pre-delivery state. The engineer will always proceed with the assumption that all data has been saved by the user.

Agreement Limitations: -If, owing to the non-availability of spare parts or replacements or any other cause, Avantek is unable to carry out our obligations listed, we shall be entitled to determine this Agreement forthwith by giving notice in writing to the customer to the effect and Avantek Computer Limited’s liability shall be limited to the return of the pro-rate unexpired portion of the premium paid, calculated daily.

Component Limitations: – Consumable parts, i.e. parts that require replacement during the normal course of the products usage, including without limitation, notebook batteries. Components not critical to product function (e.g.: hinges, doors, cosmetic features, frames) are not covered in this agreement.

Authorised Repairs: -It is a condition of this Agreement that no repair, modification or upgrade shall be undertaken by any person or persons not authorised in writing by Avantek.

Agreement Transfer: -The Customer without the consent of Avantek, shall not assign this Agreement.

Charges: -The prices charged for this Support Agreement do not include the cost of major overhaul. Such work will be quoted for, and work will be commenced when the quotation is accepted and paid for.

Physical Copies of Supplied Software: – Physical copies (where supplied by the relevant manufacturer) of all the provided software were sent with your order. In the event that they are lost or destroyed, Avantek may make a charge for replacement (if a replacement is available).

Warranty does NOT cover:
Accidental damage
: This is covered by Insurance (if any)
Theft: This is covered by Insurance (if any)

All new goods sold by us are covered by a ‘return to base’ warranty of 12 months to the original purchaser, or as required by applicable law. Used products (including refurbished, second-hand and ex-demo products) will have a warranty of 90 days, except where otherwise specified.

We endeavour to provide technical support and online facilities to assist and enhance your use of the products purchased from us, however such supply/provision is provided as a courtesy only and not included in your contract with us and may be withdrawn or refused at any time.

How do I make a Warranty Claim?

If you need to make a warranty claim, please take photographs of the system (top, sides, bottom), including a close-up of the Avantek Warranty Sticker affixed to the underside, and complete the form below.
One of our Technicians will be happy to help you.

    Please note, we are not related in any way with the Avantek which makes consumer items such as Wireless Doorbells that you may have purchased via Amazon. If you have an issue, contact Amazon.

    We are a Business-to-Business (B2B) IT Solutions Provider and will be pleased to help you resolve issues with computer systems which you have purchased from us.

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