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Technology is everywhere these days and it is important that students are provided with the skills they need to succeed. Technology is proven to support learning, helping schools and teachers with reaching objectives and boosting student achievements.

Avantek has many years of experience in the education sector, having supplied integrated solutions, computer suites and innovative technology to the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Leicester De Montfort University and the University of Huddersfield.


What we can Offer your School

We have everything, from high performance servers; to support your growing computing needs, to PC/MAC suites (including a variety of machines and tablets) for your students.

With technology at the forefront of education and with a strong emphasis on IT it is important to keep pupils engaged and interested. We provide a range of solutions for schools which benefit teachers, individual students and entire classrooms. We look to accommodate, not only students’ needs but also the requirements of teachers and other members of staff.


Supporting Disabilities in Education

According to the Office for Disability Issues, approximately 6 percent of children in the UK suffer with a disability, ranging from mobility to speech difficulties (on average that’s around 12 children per school). We understand how important it is to give every child the same opportunities and know that it isn’t always possible for teachers to offer one-to-one support to those pupils who may need it most, which is why we provide tools to assist with reading and writing, visual and hearing impairments and note taking.


So how can IT help?

Supportiing word processing with built-in spellcheckers, word lists and speech feedback can aid in the development of literacy. A topic list or word bank provides instant access to specialist vocabulary; by selecting whole words, learners can build up their writing skills.

Speech recognition software offers additional support for accurate word processing and helps encourage independent learning.

Applications for tablets and problem solving games provide students with the opportunity to extend their thinking skills and help make learning fun, with many activities designed specifically for young children & those with learning difficulties.

Where English is not the student’s first language, translation of text, adding text-to-speech support or symbol alternatives assist with developing strong language skills and knowledge.

Our accessible software includes:

  • Text to speech software
  • Speech recognition software
  • Concept mapping software
  • Reading pens
  • Typing tutors


For more information on how we can help you, or to arrange a meeting, please contact our Sales Team on 0330 300 3000, alternatively, please send an e-mail to